Wing Walking Experience (Deposit)


Wing walking is an intense flying experience lasting around 10 minutes. Your family and friends can all watch in admiration and take lots of pictures as you stand on the wing of a 1940s Boeing Stearman Biplane whilst it does a full aerobatic display. You will complete a variety of flypasts and manoeuvres with the highlight being a dive from 500ft and a ‘Zoom Climb’ with a final ‘Run and Break’ before landing.

Name of the person who will be undertaking the experience.


Please note a non-refundable booking fee of £50 is taken when booking, and the amount outstanding (£399) will be due 10 days before your flight.

The Day

All participants will receive a thorough pre-flight briefing explaining the equipment we use, breathing techniques to help make your flight more enjoyable and the hand signals we use to communicate. Your flight as a Wing Walker will take place in front of your amazed family and friends and if you don’t want to forget your experience you have the option to record your flight from a wing-mounted camera (this is an optional extra, priced from £49). After your flight you will receive a Certificate as confirmation of your Wing Walk Experience. Please be prepared to spend up to an hour at the airfield.


Please note that it is a condition of CAA approval that you must be fully aware that Wing Walking carries a higher risk than a normal commercial flight (e.g when you fly on holiday). We will brief you clearly on the risks that have been identified and how they have been mitigated to make the experience as safe as possible. You will receive an in depth briefing on the day of your flight and have the opportunity to ask any questions before signing a risk acceptance and confirmation of briefing.

PLEASE NOTE You will be required to climb via the lower wing and front cockpit without a ladder to reach the Wing walking Rig/Seat.

The upper weight limit is 12 STONE 2LBS/ 77 KILOS

Wing walkers must be aged 18 years or over. There is no actual upper age limit to participate in a Wing walk.

The conditions listed below may lead to a dangerous situation with regard to the Wing walker or to other persons during flying: Epilepsy, fits, severe head or neck injury, recurrent blackouts, fainting fits or giddiness, disease of the brain or nervous system, high blood pressure, heart or lung disease, recurrent weakness or dislocation of any limb, diabetes (Type 1), mental illness, drug or alcohol addiction.

If you have one of the above, or are over 65; A “FITNESS FORM” is available here. It is very important that you read the form carefully to know whether you need to have the declaration of fitness signed by your GP before completing your Wing walk. If you are unsure after reading the Form then you must seek advice from your doctor. Wingwalk.Buzz staff cannot advise on fitness to Wing walk. Medical concerns raised with our staff on the day of your Wing walk will result in you being referred back to your doctor. A rebook fee of £50 will also apply. It is your responsibility to be truthful on your medical history.

Please be aware that waiting time is inevitable with Wing walking. You must be available for 2/3 hours following your arrival at the centre, to complete your Wing walk. If you cannot commit this time, please discuss your requirements with the staff on arrival, who will endeavour to help, but if you choose to leave early you may be charged a £50 rebooking fee.

Deposits and payments are completely non-refundable. The balance for Wing walks (excluding ‘Wing walk for Free) is due 10 days before your Wing walk date. Once the date of your Wing walk is booked you are required to give a minimum of 28 days notice to change the date and an admin fee of £25 per person will be charged. If you wish to transfer your Wing walk to another person a fee of £25 will apply. If less than 28 days notice is given a £50 rebook fee will apply. Customers who do not show up on the day of their Wing walk for any reason will incur a rebook fee of £50. Failure to attend or rebook within 12 months will result in loss of all money paid.

There is also the possibility of short notice cancellation due to weather, mechanical problems with our aircraft, staff
illness or other unforeseen circumstances beyond our control. Wingwalk.Buzz will not be liable for any costs such
as travel or accommodation incurred by the participant in such circumstances.

If you are unable to complete your Wing walk after arrival on the day, you can simply rebook with Wingwalk.Buzz
at no extra fee to a mutually agreed date within 12 months of each attempt (which may need to be repeated as
many times as necessary to complete your first descent).

A training brief will take place, prior to your Wing walk. You will be required to attend the brief on the day of your
Wing walk, even if you have been before.

Please wear comfortable, tight fitting clothing (that does not constrict movement) and a pair of trainers. All other
equipment will be provided.

Full catering facilities are available on the airfield, including a coffee bar and restaurant.

That no alcohol is permitted at the Airfields. Also please be responsible the night before your Wing walk. Common
sense please.

Family and friends are very welcome. We have catering facilities on the airfield. Dogs are not permitted on the

When you Wing walk, you are covered by third party insurance. You are not covered for personal injury.

Relive the most exciting moment of your life! We will give you the option to purchase Photos of your Wing walk for a cost of £49

There is a zero tolerance abuse policy at Wingwalk.Buzz Please advise your family and friends that ‘Bad Weather Days’ are not under our control. Abuse from participants and/or their friends and family will NOT be tolerated. Right of admission is reserved.

Wing walking for Charity
In order to raise money for charity, you can choose one of the two following schemes:
Wing walk for Free
1. The minimum amount you are required to raise, in order to pay for your Wing walk using a portion of your sponsorship is £599
2. £100 non-refundable deposit required when you book your Wing walk
3. A minimum of £200 goes to your chosen charity
4. If you are raising all sponsorship online, you are required to bring on the day a copy of your online sponsorship page showing a minimum of £599 (or £499 if you are including your deposit) and we will invoice the charity for your Wing walk
5. If you are raising all sponsorship offline, you are required to bring on the day a personal cheque made payable to your charity for a minimum of £200; £299 balance (by cash or card taken from sponsor money) and the sponsorship forms.
6. If you are raising sponsorship using a combination of online and offline we suggest you raise a minimum of £200 online and the outstanding balance of £299 offline (on the day you need to bring in the £299 balance by cash or card).
7. You cannot include Gift Aid as part of the minimum amount you need to raise.

Self Fund
1. This must be paid out of your own money. No sponsorship money can be used to pay for this Wing walk
2. All sponsorship money you raise will go to the charity (there is no minimum required with this scheme). You send this directly to your chosen charity
3. £100 non-refundable deposit required when you book Wing walk.
4. The balance for Wing walks is due 10 days before your Wing walk date.